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I have a view on the screen that the user can drag around the screen. After they stop moving the view I would like to replay the exact same movement in the same amount of time. Basically, replaying the view movement.

Currently, I am overriding the TouchesMoved and TouchesEnded methods and when they begin to drag, I start a stopwatch and add the location of the view to a list along with the elapsed milliseconds from the stopwatch (this happens for each call to TouchesMoved). So now I know each point and the time it was at that position.

I have the code working to replay the view via CAKeyFrameAnimation however the timing is sometimes off a bit. I think it has something to do with whether the view went on a straight path or in a curve. The documentation is little help and there are few resources on animations. Points and PointTimings are lists that contain point of the view and a particular time respectively.

        CAKeyFrameAnimation kfAnimation = (CAKeyFrameAnimation)CAKeyFrameAnimation.FromKeyPath ("position");
        kfAnimation.Path = GetPath ();
        kfAnimation.Duration = Utils.ToSeconds (Duration); // divide by 1000
        var floatArr = new MonoTouch.Foundation.NSNumber[Points.Count];
        floatArr[0] = 0;

        //Don't put 0th element and last element in array since they have to be 0
        for (int i = 1; i < Points.Count - 1; i++)
            floatArr[i] = (double)PointTimings[i] / (double)Duration;
        floatArr[Points.Count - 1] = 1;
        kfAnimation.KeyTimes = floatArr;
        kfAnimation.CalculationMode = MonoTouch.CoreAnimation.CAKeyFrameAnimation.AnimationLinear;

For example, if the original duration of the view movement was 1600 milliseconds, the animation will end in just about 1100 milliseconds. Does my problem relate to the Calculation Mode if its on a curve? Could someone provide me with an example on how to repeat a path for a view using Touches?

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Do the timestamps recorded by the stopwatch reflect 1600ms elapsed, or 1100? In other words, does the discrepancy occur during the recording, or the playback? –  Jason Hartley Mar 29 '13 at 3:05
Also, have you tried listening to the Scrolled event rather than overriding the TouchesMoved method? I experienced performance issues in a similar situation. –  Jason Hartley Mar 29 '13 at 3:10
@JasonHartley, yes the timestamps indicate the correct timings. As for the scroll event, what do you mean? The view can be moved in any direction. Does the scoll event give you a coordinate location of the view? If so, could you provide an example of what you mean? Thank you –  kevinskr Mar 29 '13 at 16:20
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