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I'm working on building a student database in Bourne Shell Script. I need to be able to update a line of data that's been previously entered into the file, and I'm having trouble figuring out how to do that. This is what I've tried:

   echo "please enter the name: \c"
   read updateInput

   updateNumber=$(grep -cwi $updateInput database.txt)

   if [ "$updateNumber" -gt "1" ]
          echo "ambiguous input"
   elif [ ! grep -iq "$updateInput" database.txt ]
           echo "record not found"
           lineNumber=$(grep -ni $updateInput database.txt)

           grep -i $updateInput database.txt > tmp
           read first last age course1 course2 < tmp

           echo "record found, enter new value now:"
           echo "name ($first $last): \c" 
           read first last
           echo "age ($age): \c"
           read age
           echo "course-1 ($course1): \c"
           read course1
           while ! fgrep -iwq "$course1" $FILE 
                   echo "course does not exist"
                   echo "course-1: \c"
                   read course1  
           echo "course-2 ($course2): \c"
           read course2
           while ! fgrep -iwq "$course2" $FILE 
                   echo "course does not exist"
                   echo "course-2: \c"
                   read course2  

But that's obviously not updating the file at all. I'm just not sure how to take a specific line and change the data of it.

Also, my elif statement doesn't work, and I was wondering what I was doing wrong with that -.- It's just supposed to say, if the name entered isn't found, then print out that the record wasn't found.

Thanks everyone. I'm super new with Bourne Shell Script and I've had some real trouble trying to get this to work.

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Your example is not very clear, if you want to update a line in a file. You can use the command "sed", it performs a find/replace into a file. Please check its unix man for the usage.


sed -i 's/day/night/g' file.txt 

will replace "day" by "night" in file.txt

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