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I added a file to postgres using \i /path/to/some/file.sql but there was a typo in the file.

Here's what I had in the file:

  SELECT event_id AS holiday_id, title AS name, starts AS date
  FROM events
  WHERE title LIKE '%Day%' AND venue_id IS NULL;

In the original version I had %DAY%. When running \i /path/to/some/file.sql again, I receive this error:

ERROR:  relation "holidays" already exists

How do I undo this relation to get the code to run again?


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The \i command does not "add a file" that can later be removed. It simply runs the SQL within the file, as if you had typed it at the psql command prompt. If you want to undo what you did, it will depend on what exactly the SQL was.

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I've updated my question... Actually, I figured it out from what you said and just ran DROP VIEW holidays –  Ryan Clark Mar 28 '13 at 23:18

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