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Is it possible to have two domains point to the same vBulletin forum and share the logins?

For example my forum is located on, but i also want to park and point the on the same forum.

I know how to do this but the problem is that when i login through, it just ask me to login again.

I think the problem is a domain-specific cookie.

Any solutions?

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I think the problem is a domain-specific cookie.

You're right, vBulletin will not allow you to use multi domains.

I think, the only way to use multi-domain is to hack the code, check this mod @vborg as an example (vb4)

(But I would not recommend you this mod as long it's a very old mod and it's currently "Not Supported" and "Is in Beta Stage")

Alternatively for "multi-domain + single board " you could use url rewriting, check this if you 're using apache2 : rewrite guide

This only provides a kind of redirection for your users, not a real "multi-domain" access.

Also, be aware that a regular vBuletin license allows you to use only one domain. So basically : 2 domains => 2 licenses.

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