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I've looked for examples relating to this and they seem like different scenarios. My client setup an account with a 3rd party called Agent Achieve. They sent this email. Where do I read up on setting up CNAMES on Go Daddy? I read Go Daddy's documentation but i'm not sure which part to enter into the A Host and which to enter into the "Points to".

Do I literally setup a new subdomain for each and then?

Here is the instruction:

Here is the info for the sub domains we’ll need created on your registrar.

Each should be a CNAME that points to

  • / AA branded login
  • / agent website
  • / toolkit listing notifications website
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You set up a CNAME -… – chue x Mar 28 '13 at 23:26

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I presume you're looking at the godaddy help on adding CNAMEs at but want help understanding that.

To answer your specific question, yes you would set up a separate CNAME record for each subdomain. It's simply configuring an "alias" if you like.

So if you're managing DNS for the domain "", you would add a CNAME for the subdomain "login" which points to "", then add another CNAME for the subdomain "public", pointing again to "" and so on.

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This makes perfect sense. What confused me was why they included that "" in the instruction. All I needed was the "login" subdomain in the instruction. Thank you Chris – LITguy Mar 28 '13 at 23:34
They said that because you are actually creating a CNAME pointing from the full, however when you're using your GoDaddy control panel to administer one of your domains ( in this example), you can only add entries for subdomains of that domain, so they only ask you for the "login" bit. – Chris Denning Mar 29 '13 at 19:40

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