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I've written a function that will create an Active Directory user based on the supplied parameters. The user creates fine; however the problem that I'm running into is the returned data from the function. I'm merely looking to return a boolean response based on if the user was created or not. Instead, it's passing back an array.

A sample of the function:

    Function CreateUser () {

      Try {
        $UserOU = [ADSI] "LDAP://$LDAPServer/$ParentDN";
        $NewUser = $UserOU.Create("user","cn=$Username");


        $flag = $NewUser.userAccountControl.Value -bxor 65536; #Password Never Expires flag
        $NewUser.userAccountControl = $flag;
        $NewUser.InvokeSet("AccountDisabled","False")  #Enables Account

        return $true;
      Catch {
        return $false;

And I'm calling it using the following syntax:

 $CreateUserResults = CreateUser -FirstName $User_FirstName -LastName $User_LastName -EmailAddress $User_EmailAddress -ParentDN $User_ParentOU -Password $User_Password -Username $User_SamAccountName

Any advise or direction would be appreciated.

Thanks, Ryan

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I'm not where I can test, but I suspect those setinfo() methods are returning data that needs to be redirected to $null to prevent it from being returned by the function.

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Try $null = $NewUser.SetInfo(); or $NewUser.SetInfo() | Out-Null (might need to do it for other calls like SetPassword as well). That should indeed do the trick. –  Joost Mar 29 '13 at 9:11

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