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I have a list of objects and I'll need to access a specific one based off of random user input corresponding to an id. My limited knowledge at this point led me to something like:

String id; 
if(id.equals("apple")){ //fixed silly error, thanks
} //etc...

Is this possible, or is there a better approach?

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A word to the wise on comparing strings in Java: you should use equals to compare strings, not == (the code you posted with only = won't even compile because it's assigning to id in the if condition, not comparing). In other words, the second line of your code should be if (id.equals("apple")) {. –  Adam Mihalcin Mar 28 '13 at 23:34

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Sounds like you want a HashMap.

It works like a telephone directory - you put in keys and values, and use the key to look up a value (much like you'd use someone's name to look up their number in a telephone directory.)

Your example also wouldn't work at all, because you're using = in the if statement, which is an assignment statement rather than an equality check. == is what you were probably trying to get, but in this case you shouldn't use that either - instead use .equals() which you should always use when strings are concerned.)

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Yes this looks like what I should use, thanks! –  user1754483 Mar 28 '13 at 23:42
HashMap<String, SomeValueObject> myMap = new HashMap<String, SomeValueObject>();
myMap.put("apple", value);
String id;
if (id.equals("apple")) {
    return myMap.get("apple");

Essentially you instantiate a HashMap that has two parts to it; a Key and a Value (respectively. When I do myMap.get("apple"), it searches for the KEY "apple". I did myMap.put("apple", value) which makes the Key "apple" be mapped to a certain value that you want.

Also you need to use id.equals("apple") because a String is an object, and if you tried id == "apple" (which I think you meant), it will not work because it will not compare the value of the String but rather the address of it.

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that's very helpful, thanks. –  user1754483 Mar 28 '13 at 23:42

@berry120 has provided a practical answer. In general, it sounds like you want to lookup values based on some key. Look at the Map interface and what the JDK offers for concrete implementations.

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The value of a variable is only available at run time. On the other hand, a variable name must be known at compile time. So no, you cannot do this exactly the way you are asking. Using a Map will probably be the best solution to your problem.

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