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I have the following hash:

lines[0] = {"a" => dog, "b" => 32, "c" =>555, "d" => 100}
lines[1] = {"a" => cat, "b" => 34, "c" =>554, "d" => 4542}
lines[2] = {"a" => bird, "b" => 31, "c" =>532435, "d" => 23}

I would like to sort the hash by "b" in descending order so that I end up with:

lines[0] = {"a" => cat, "b" => 34, "c" =>554, "d" => 4542}
lines[1] = {"a" => dog, "b" => 32, "c" =>555, "d" => 100}
lines[2] = {"a" => bird, "b" => 31, "c" =>532435, "d" => 23}

What would be the best way to achieve that? Is there a method in Ruby that does this for you?

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You seem to have a peculiar case where lines is NOT an array but a Hash, so you want to reassign values for each key based on value's order, for that first create array out of Hash, sort that, and that create a Hash based on new index e.g.

lines = {}
lines[0] = {"a" => :dog, "b" => 32, "c" =>555, "d" => 100}
lines[1] = {"a" => :cat, "b" => 34, "c" =>554, "d" => 4542}
lines[2] = {"a" => :bird, "b" => 31, "c" =>532435, "d" => 23}

require 'pp'
pp Hash[lines.map.sort_by {|k,v| -v["b"]}.map.with_index {|v, index| [index, v[1]]}]

output is:

{0=>{"a"=>:cat, "b"=>34, "c"=>554, "d"=>4542},
 1=>{"a"=>:dog, "b"=>32, "c"=>555, "d"=>100},
 2=>{"a"=>:bird, "b"=>31, "c"=>532435, "d"=>23}}

That said, why lines is a Hash? it could better be represented by an Array

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lines is a Hash because I am carrying that data over from a previous script and other than the sort it was much easier to manipulate the date. Thank you for the help! –  walterfaye Mar 29 '13 at 19:12
lines.sort_by! {|hash| -hash["b"]}
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You can do

lines.sort! { |a, b| b["b"] <=> a["b"] }
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I get the following error: undefined method 'sort!' for #<Hash:0x3164d18> (NoMethodError) –  walterfaye Mar 29 '13 at 0:14
@walterfaye There is 2 options: - You lied in your question. - You did not use my code correctly. Be sure you do lines.sort and not lines[0].sort. You want to sort the array lines, not its hashes lines[n]. –  oldergod Mar 29 '13 at 0:31

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