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Can I define CustomMessageBox in XAML? I have the code:

        <toolkit:CustomMessageBox x:Key="CustomMessageBox" Title="Blabla" IsLeftButtonEnabled="True" LeftButtonContent="OK" Content="blabla" />

And when I'm trying to run it:

(this.Resources["CustomMessageBox"] as CustomMessageBox).Show();

I get InvalidOperationException - "Element is already the child of another element.".

Is it possible to do it this way or I have to define it from code-behind? Is there any workaround?

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I would recommend you to define in the code behind –  Sajeetharan Apr 5 '13 at 10:23

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Due to this book (not advertizing, just showing source), you can do follow:

1 Create new UserControl, name it CustomUserControl.xaml

2 Add custom UI elements to UC

<StackPanel x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="{StaticResource PhoneChromeBrush}" Margin="0,0,0,10">
 <TextBlock Text="Custom content inside the UserControl XAML" TextWrapping="Wrap"
 <MediaElement Source="http://mschannel9.vo.msecnd.net/o9/mix/09/wmv/key01.wmv"/>

3 Run from codebehind of your main page

var messageBox = new CustomMessageBox
Content = new CustomUserControl(),
LeftButtonContent = "OK",
RightButtonContent = "Cancel",

Seems now you can play video in message box :)

PS: also found some info here

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