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I need a simple forum backed by a SQLite 3 database which I can easily integrate into my new project, something in the line of Vanilla forum.

What do you suggest?

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You can compare the features of all popular forums here

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The SQLite Users page lists a few forums for use with SQLite (honest, no idea how up-to-date the list is, though):

  • PunBB: a message forum package, like phpBB but leaner, written in PHP
  • {phpBB} supports SQLite from phpBB version 3 (currently in beta)
  • {Monkey Boards}
  • {Pocoo}
  • A website with a large collection of links to a large number of free books and lectures. Back end is SQLite 3 &
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bookgoldmine has a forum engine where? looks like they inserted themselves for seo purposes – koen Oct 15 '09 at 18:40

Here it is, not sure which ones support SQLite 3 thought.

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