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How can I open a file with Eclipse/CDT when I double click it in windows explorer?

I set the file association in windoes to eclipsec.exe and it opened Eclipse/CDT, but not the file.

If Eclipse is open, it says "Workspace in use..."



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Associate the file type with eclipse.exe, not eclipsec.exe.

  1. If the file type is not already associated with an application then you can choose the application by double-clicking the file, otherwise you will need to open the "Set Associations" app from control panel. a. In Windows 7 this is done via the "Default Programs" item in "Control Panel".
    b. Inside that item there's an option labeled "Associate a file type... with a program".
    c. Look for the filetype, in my case I looked for .java. Select it and click "Change program..." in the upper right.
  2. From there click "Browse..." and find eclipse.exe, not eclipsec.exe, in your filesystem, select it and click ok.
  3. Now when you double-click the file it will be opened in eclipse regardless of whether eclipse is already open.
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Refused to work for me. How did you do this? –  mAsT3RpEE Apr 14 '14 at 10:49
I expanded my answer with directions for Windows 7. Can you elaborate on what problem you are experiencing? This has worked for me on multiple computers. –  carlin.scott Oct 11 '14 at 6:38

this Might be what you are looking for


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