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Very hard problem to fix, at least for me (knowing rails since not very long). And as I found the solution I'll share it, so other won't loose as much time as I did :)

Running my rails application in a production server, after restarting apache and trying to access the application you get the following error:

Passenger encountered the following error:

The application spawner server exited unexpectedly: Connection refused - /tmp/passenger.1.0.16899/generation-0/spawn-server/socket.16909.15268580

Exception class: PhusionPassenger::Rack::ApplicationSpawner::Error

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In one of my application files (an helper file in this case) I had this code:

include ActionView::Helpers::TagHelper

module MyHelper

Which was working well in development with rails server, but failed with passenger. The solution is to move the include inside the module, like so:

module MyHelper
  include ActionView::Helpers::TagHelper

Which may be obvious for most of you, and which will be obvious for me too from now on :)

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