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Working on makeing a troubleshooting guide automatic , so i as a tech can just press..start.. This is one of the steps I am stuck at, Any help on how i can make a batch file do this?

Check procedure: 

1. Ping -t
Look for any dropped packets.  > or = 1%, send at least 100 pings. 

2.Check the subnet mask 
3.Check the default gateway 
4.Check NIC configuration.  If more than 1 NIC is installed then only one should have the gateway set. 
If all OK, then network is OK. 

I am not much of a network guy , so when it says something like check the subnet mask, i am not sure what is ment by that or what i am checking it for. Also the NIC configuration may be hard to check with a batch file? thanks.

found some more info that may help..

Subnet Mask  
Default Gateway  

I did change a few numbers but i can change them back in the code once needed.

Step 1 so far..

ping -n 100 x.x.x.x  | find "TTL"
if not errorlevel 1 set error=FAILED
if errorlevel 1 set error=PASSED
echo Result: %error%

only problem is it shows all the pings, anyway to have it not show the pings?

step 2 i figure you have to do a ipconfig and find the results? but not sure how.. same for step 3

Step 4 i have no idea what its even talking about...

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Do you have code already, so please show. –  Endoro Mar 29 '13 at 5:31
have code for step 1.. kind of –  Glen Morse Mar 29 '13 at 6:14

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The for command will help you hide the pings. Following Stephen's answer, here's what you want:

Step 1,2,3 :-

    @echo off
    echo Checking ping...
    set state=FAILED
    for /f "tokens=5,7" %%a in ('ping x.x.x.x -n 100') do (
    if "%%a"=="Received" if "%%b"=="100," set state=PASSED
    echo Getting IP configuration...
    ipconfig > stats.txt
    find "Subnet Mask" stats.txt
    find "Gateway" stats.txt
    del stats.txt

Step 4 :- I really don't know how to do that in batch...try using third party software.

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ok steps 1-3 work great, lets think about step four? first can we see if the computer has more then 1 nic card? If in the default gateway, it shows 3 default gateways but only 1 has an address would this make step 4 true? –  Glen Morse Apr 2 '13 at 4:41
also with the ping part. It seems like its going too quick and not pingging 100 times? –  Glen Morse Apr 2 '13 at 4:51

Step 1: it would be easier to look for "(0% loss)" instead of "TTL", because finding TTL may mean, you tried 100 times and only one or two responses would repturn PASSED. (don't search for "0%", because that would find also 10% 20%...)

ping -n 100 x.x.x.x >nul |find "(0%"

Step 2,3: Get the configuration to a file with ipconfig >stats.txt

get desired values with find "Subnet Mask" stats.txt and find "Gateway" stats.txt

Step 4 is not trivial, I would like to leave that to someone else

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