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How can i delete a directory (folder) that contains files or/and other folders in j2me? I know how to use fileconnection but it can not delete a folder that contains other folders or files.

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well, if your device doesn't allow deletion of non-empty folders, presumably, delete every file in the folder first, then delete the empty folder...

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Here is the some code..

String url="file:///localhost/somedir";  //in some devices localhost will be root or user
FileConnection localdir=(FileConnection),Connector.READ_WRITE);
   Enumeration list=localdir.list();  //gives u total files list (files +dir)
       String fileName=(String)list.nextElement();
       FileConnection localfile=(FileConnection)"/"+fileName,Connector.READ_WRITE);
    //atlast delete the directory too

delete all the files and directories and then delete the original directory.

hope this will help..

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