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i am successfully bouncing ball in side the UIView.

i have create ball class inside in it i am using following code to move the ball.

    self.center=CGPointMake(self.center.x + mXSpeed, self.center.y + mYSpeed);
if (!CGRectContainsRect(self.superview.bounds, self.frame))

    if (self.frame.origin.x<self.superview.bounds.origin.x)
    if (self.frame.origin.x>self.superview.bounds.size.width-self.frame.size.width)         
    if (self.frame.origin.y<0)//self.superview.frame.origin.y)          
    if (self.frame.origin.y>self.superview.bounds.size.height-self.frame.size.height)           


now i want to bounce the ball inside the circle Area, how can i do that?

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Ok lets assume that your frame in 200 by 200 pixels. So the center of you circle in at 100,100

You can calculate the distance from this point like this:

dist = sqrt((x-100)^2+(y-100)^2)

When this number is 100 or bigger you need to change your direction.

Once yo have this, you will have to introduce a direction vector and figure out how to deflect of a circular object, but i'll let you have a go at that first.

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hey i try to use your code my view size is 240 * 240 so use like, float dist = sqrt(((int)self.frame.origin.x-120)^2+((int)self.frame.origin.y-120)^2); but i am getting maximum value is 14 or 15 its never goes above it. –  freelancer Mar 29 '13 at 7:06
put some logging on what self.frame.origin.y is giving –  Frank Mar 29 '13 at 11:19

Just bound x and y of the center to be always at most radius distance (where radius is the radius of your ball) from the circumference. It's should be pretty straightforward geometry.

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