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I am trying to parse a JSon Object with an undisclosed number of objects of type service of which i want to take their names as a recursive path to a object as a List.

implicit val collabReads: Reads[Collaborator] = (
  (__ \ "firstname").read[String] and
  (__ \ "lastname").read[String] and
  (__ \ "services").read( 
    (__ \\ "name").lazyRead[list[String])

I tried this and other ways but nothing seems to work, as i always have a error on the recursive Path and i couldn't find any example of a Json Reads with a recursive Path anywhere. Is this even supported?

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I don't have enought information to be able to help you. Could yoiu drop the Collaborator case class and the JSON representation (if not trivial) please? – andy petrella Mar 29 '13 at 13:35
implicit val collabReads: Reads[Collaborator] = (
  (__ \ "firstname").read[String] and
  (__ \ "lastname").read[String] and
  (__ \ "services" \\ "name").lazyRead[list[String]]

Have you tried this one?

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