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 <ECERT O_CRP="10" O_ORD="234567" O_CUS="34567" C_ORD_TYP="cg" O_GFCT="864695"  O_GFCT_CARD="1234567891234567890" *A_GFCT_RFD*="0.0000" D_ORD_PLC="2013-03-27 01:23:05:000" C_ORD_CAT="G" O_FNR_TEAM_MBR_VDR_ID="10000" O_FNR_CMPN_VDR_ID="20000" /> 
 <ECERT O_CRP="10" O_ORD="234568" O_CUS="34568" C_ORD_TYP="CG" O_GFCT="864696" O_GFCT_CARD="1234567891234567891" *A_GFCT_RFD*="0.0000" D_ORD_PLC="2013-03-27 01:31:31:000" C_ORD_CAT="G" O_FNR_TEAM_MBR_VDR_ID="10001" O_FNR_CMPN_VDR_ID="20001" /> 

My xml will be like this, which I get from a data table, now i need to read "A_GFCT_RFD" from this xml to a decimal variable. I tried with Xelement, but it returned null.
Can anyone help me on this?

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What is your XML looks like? and which platform do you use to parse it? – hkutluay Mar 29 '13 at 7:39
Will you be using Java? – John Saunders Mar 29 '13 at 21:29

The asterisks (*) in your attribute name (*A_GFCT_RFD*) might be part of the problem. Asterisk works as a wild card character in XPath expressions. The Xpath spec suggests that you can use backslash (\) to escape the asterisk.


In other words, try an XPath expression that looks like /ROOT/ECERT@\*A_GFCT_RFD\*.

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