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The following is the condition

I have users who belongs to one work and similarly category belongs to one work.

Now I want the user of that specific work to edit the categories that belongs to that work.

How can I specify this in ability model?


include CanCan::Ability

def initialize(user)

user ||= User.new # guest user

user.roles.each do |role|


if role.name == "admin"

    can :read, User

    can :create, User

    can :edit, User

    can :destroy, User


if role.name == "staff"

         can :read, :all

         can :create, :all

        cannot :edit, Category

        can :update, :all

        can :destroy, :all


    if role.name == "others"

          can :read, :all




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Untested, but this should do it:

can :manage, Category, :work_id => user.work_id

Reference: https://github.com/ryanb/cancan/wiki/defining-abilities

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In the ability class you are passing only the user. You need to pass the category also in order to do,

can :manage, Category if user.work_id == category.work_id  

Or you will have to iterate through like this( i ll not recommend it),

can :manage, Category if user.work_id == user.work.categories.first.work_id  

This link shows how to send multiple params to your ability class.


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I have posted my ability model and please tell me how to pass category also in the ability. –  Logesh Mar 30 '13 at 5:26

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