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I have a project which I check out remotely from my VM.

Now it checks out all files except the one that he doesn't see.

Which happens to be the .git folder...

I already removed the regex from the






But the folder itself still doesn't get pulled...

Anyone has a solution for this?

I am using Netbeans 7.3 64 bit on windows 7.

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Your solution should work, as illustrated in the comments of "Display hidden dot files and directories in NetBeans":

In Netbeans 7.1 it's also in Tools -> Options -> Miscellaneous -> Files


Just the remove the .* at the end and you're fine.

But all the references I have seen (like my old answer) mention that you need to restart NetBeans to see that updated pattern takes effect.
Or at least try a Source->Scan for External Changes, as mentioned in "How do I refresh Netbeans workspace?".

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