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So far I have an ArrayList that has the following contents

[[2/11, 11/48], [8/35, 35/288], [16/43, 43/288], [75/152, 19/210], [4/5, 5/16], [135/163, 163/1680]]

However I need to represent each individual part of this as a String representation such as the following,

{true@2/11, false@9/11}@11/48

Where the false @ is the complement of true@, not so sure how to go about getting them seperatly out of the list, for example I tried


for the first bit but obviously that just returns

{{true@[2/11, 11/48]

Any idea on how I would go about this?

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couldn't get your point. what relation does exist between {true@2/11, false@9/11}@11/48 and [2/11, 11/48] ? – Vishal K Mar 29 '13 at 7:57
It's a list of strings? Could you provide the list declaration and filling? – sp00m Mar 29 '13 at 8:13

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