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I have an app where where i am using MkMapView and its showing differently for iOS6 and iOS5. I have attached the screenShots below

iOS 6 enter image description here

iOS 5

enter image description here

Can Anyone tell me how can i solve this issue ?

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This is because IOS 5 uses google maps and IOS 6 is using apple maps, The only thing you could do is use the google maps API on IOS 5 and on IOS6 This way they will look and work the same

Google maps for IOS

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If you want to use Apple's Mapkit framework and show google maps for IOS 6.0 onwards then u can use overlays.

Here is sample project that may help you.


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The map display is default as per IOS installed on device or iPhone/iPad. If you still want to use Google map then load map in web-view with your location.

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