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The title's a bit tricky lol sorry for that .. can't think of more appropriate one.

So I' working on this website : http://www.whybaguio.com/php/profile/businessprofile.php?id=1603

I'm having a little problem... If the Business name's too long like this one: http://www.whybaguio.com/php/profile/businessprofile.php?id=164 The category and the Facebook like button disappears and probably goes down...

Like maybe changing the font size automatically or something?

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Give #cat2b tag display:block(or use div instead of span) and remove all br tags from #buscontent div.

Not sure how your page layout is happening. anyway to avoid future bugs give overflow-x: auto and height: 15px to #cat2b. (I don't recommend this but your layout really need fix from beginning I think)

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I think so too :( having problems with the positioning everytime something's too long or whatevs :(( Super frustrating. –  user1200179 Mar 29 '13 at 9:12
@discofuse It seems you are beginner. If so, then I can say only one thing redesign :(. and don't use margins to layout the page like you did here. Use as much as divs and nested divs to make it look better. that's all I can say. Go through some tuturials first. –  Mr_Green Mar 29 '13 at 9:15

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