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I think this is an extremely simple question but I am neither a student or programmer, just someone trying to write a script for a task for a database process. I am looping through a list of tuples for processing. Currently my code looks like this:

import arcpy

tables = [(name1,60), (name2,30)....(name#, #)]
For i in tables:
    infile = i[0]
    oldfile = addr + "\\" + i[0]
    days = i[1]

then I run some append and other processes on the file names and use the days for filtering. I have all of the other processes but can't figure out this simple problem. It keeps failing at the For statement, it does not recognize i.

What am I missing here. I have been reading and searching for 3 hurs and I can find an explanation of tuples and lists (basic stuff), or how to append and zip - can't find a simple retrieval of data. Am I missing an import for a program?

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Your for has a capital F. I think this should be closed now, it's way too localized. –  jamylak Mar 29 '13 at 10:49

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Python is case-sensitive, so for loops are with a lower-case f.

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OMG! Was it really that simple?! Thank you so much! –  user13597 Mar 29 '13 at 10:57

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