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I am writing a code in Lua to read from a serial port, but when I read I receive an echo back with the code :

print("Dragino Uart Test started\n")
while 1 do
    print(serialin:read())    --print the data

When I open minicom to send him some data, I enable local echo than I type "text" and I see :


Then I need to press enter to see my message in my lua script.

I am using a OpenWRT in a Dragino.

It seems that it is like a prompt command that you type every thing that you see and you need to press enter to send you command.

There is any other way to read and write to/from a serial port?

Can somebody help me please? Thank you so much!

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The read method with no arguments reads a full line. That's why you need to press enter at the end of the text. Try reading one byte at a time with :read(1) or all of it with :read("*a").

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Hi, Thanks for your help. read(1) wait for the new line and just send me the first character, I didn't try read("*a") yet, I will try and I will tell you what I get. –  Lilás Mar 29 '13 at 16:43

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