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long l = 1l;
float f = 1f;
double d = 1d;
// byte b = 1?;

What's the equivalent for byte? Does it exist?

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No, there is no suffix you can append to a numeric literal to make it a byte.

See 3.10 Literals in the Java Language Specification.

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You need to cast to byte like this:

byte b = 1;

b = (byte) 5;

Since by default these numeric constant are treated as int in Java.

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Except that it is not necessary in this case, because the literal is a compile-time constant. byte b = 1; is perfectly legal. –  Jesper Mar 29 '13 at 10:53
yes, byte b=1 works fine, unfortunately for every other operation but the initialization the cast is again necessary. Even the seemingly harmless b+=1. I understand that this must be like this, it's just... annoying to cast everytime –  GameDroids Mar 29 '13 at 10:57

there is no suffix you can append a numeric literal

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There is no such suffix for bytes, see the Java Language Specification section 3.10.1:

    DecimalNumeral IntegerTypeSuffix(opt)

IntegerTypeSuffix: one of
    l L

Note (opt) signifies it is optional. So to assign you need to explicitly cast using (byte) 1.

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