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Dear stackoverflow community,

Beginner's question: Why do I get the following error?

scraper_sample_2.rb:7:in `<main>': undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError)
>Exit code: 1

Here's my code (copied from a ruby's intro guide):

require "rubygems"
require "crack"
require "open-uri"

URL = "http://www.recovery.gov/pages/GetXmlData.aspx?data=recipientHomeMap"

Crack::XML.parse(open(URL).read)["totals"]["state"].each do |state|
    puts ["id", "awarded", "received", "jobs"].map{|f| state[f]}.join(",")
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Because Crack::XML.parse(open(URL).read)["totals"] is nil. Try to split the call you do on line 7 on several lines and debug each call separately. Maybe the answer you get is not what you expect.

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Given the format of the xml returned from your source, Crack::XML.parse(open(URL).read)["totals"] will, as Ivaylo said, return nil. The format of the xml must have changed, as totals are now within /map/view.

To get the expected output, change your code to:

Crack::XML.parse(open(URL).read)["map"]["view"]["totals"]["state"].each do |state|
    puts ["id", "awarded", "received", "jobs"].map{|f| state[f]}.join(",")
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