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i'm making a game in jquery/javascript. And the game is to hit one moving object by using your mouse to click on the screen. I have problem with the detection bit. Is there a jQuery/javascript function that can mesure the distance between the center of the two objects at all time? Becasue then i can easily make a control check the distance of the two centers. and se if the collide. They are both two circles.

<div id="box">
        <div id="prepend">
            <div id="hero"></div>

        <div id="enemy"></div>

Where "box" is the area where the game takes place, "hero" the bullet that you are going to hit the "enemy".

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I should say that I have tried the jquerycollision plugin but it did not work. – user1859736 Mar 29 '13 at 11:22
You mean Math.sqrt(Math.pow(xdist, 2) + Math.pow(ydist, 2)) ? – Ja͢ck Mar 29 '13 at 11:23
Do not reinvent the wheel : stackoverflow.com/questions/773717/… – DhruvPathak Mar 29 '13 at 11:38

To get the distance use the formula enter image description here

function getDistance(obj1,obj2){

    var distance=Math.sqrt( Math.pow( Obj2Center[0]-Obj1Center[0], 2)  + Math.pow( Obj2Center[1]-Obj1Center[1], 2) )

    return distance;

Call using


To check for collision:

function hasCollision(obj1,obj2){    
    return getDistance(obj1,obj2)<obj1.width()/2+obj2.width()/2;

Here's a jsfiddle example demonstrating both

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You can use the following:

var $this = $(this);
var offset = $this.offset();
var width = $this.width();
var height = $this.height();

var centerX = offset.left + width / 2;
var centerY = offset.top + height / 2;

Do this for both and then calculate the difference between those values.

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There isn't one, but its pretty simple actually:

  1. Get the absolute coords of the current item as well as width and height
  2. Calculate center point (x + width/2, y + height/2)
  3. Do that for both circles
  4. use trigonometric functions to calculate distance between those two points: difference of x in square plus difference of y in square, take the square root of that = distance
  5. if the distance minus the radius of both circles is greater than 0, no collision. If 0: they touch, if smaller than 0, they collided.
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