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I'm intercepting user clicks on pagination links and I need to extract only page number from that link which is always set inside page variable.

so inside my js I have ....

var a = $a.attr("href");

.. which ouputs this


so how can I extract only this number from after page=

If it's matter keep in mind that this number can be two or three digit long and activeTab is dynamic value.


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Using some regex, you can extract it like:

var num = +(a.match(/page=(\d+)&/)[1]);

In the above code:

  1. /page=(\d+)&/ is a regex that matches the number (one or more numeric characters) between "page=" and "&". Note that we have grouped the (\d+) which is the number we are after

  2. The + prefix is for converting the extracted string into a number. This is similar to using parseInt()

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after you have the link, in this case a, you simply search the string for 'page=' using indexOf() then make a substring from there to the next & character.

var start, end, value;
start = a.indexOf("page=");
end = a.indexOf("&", start);
value = a.substring(start+5, end);

more info on IndexOf()

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