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When I use this in a Makefile:

run: mydir/*

it triggers do_something.sh every time a file in mydir is added/changed. Is it possible to also trigger do_something.sh when any file in the directory-tree of mydir (i.e in any subdirectory or subdirectory of a subdirectory, etc.) changes or is added?

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This might do the trick.

run: $(shell find mydir/ -type f)
  • run cannot be a PHONY target, i.e. it should create a file named run at the end of execution of the recipe
  • If any of the files in mydir have spaces in the name, you might get unexpected behavior
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+1 for throwing a shell call in the prereqs position; I've never seen that before. –  Clayton Stanley Apr 1 '13 at 6:56
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