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I have made a cell in qml like below

import QtQuick 1.1

Image {
     source: "pics/snake.png"
     smooth: true

In another .qml file, I have included it like

 Cell {
    id: snake
    x: 301
    y: 30
    width: 30
    height: 67
    rotation: 0
    z: 6

When rotation is 0, everything is right but when I set rotation to some value then image's position changes on viewing it. The defined x and y values remain same but position only changes when I view it. Help me fix this problem

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Actually the origin is shifting. In the design window, on the right-bottom, select Advanced Tab and select the origin in 3x3 matrix of dots. Change it and then reselect the middle-one. Adjust your image. Now, it will be aligned correctly.

Alternatively you can add transformOrigin:Item.Center

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