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So I am using play 2.0 and I am trying to pass doubles from my view back to controller application and I get this error: No QueryString binder found for type Double. Try to implement an implicit QueryStringBindable for this type. I found this thread and see that java binders only work with self-recursive types in play 2.0 but they will be supported in play 2.1. Unfortunately I am not in a position to migrate my project to 2.1 so I tried to follow the answer to the question linked. I created a util package in my project and inside it is the DoubleW class:

package util;

import java.util.Map;

import play.libs.F;
import play.libs.F.Option;
import play.mvc.QueryStringBindable;

public class DoubleW implements QueryStringBindable<DoubleW> {

    public Double value = null;

    public Option<DoubleW> bind(String key, Map<String, String[]> data) {
        String[] vs = data.get(key);
        if (vs != null && vs.length > 0) {
            String v = vs[0];
            value = Double.parseDouble(v);
            return F.Some(this);
        return F.None();

    public String unbind(String key) {
        return key + "=" + value;

    public String javascriptUnbind() {
         return value.toString();


I imported this where it was needed in the controller/application and one of the model classes where I need to use doubles. I replaced the double data types with the new DoubleW in the application and model methods concerned. Finally I modified my routing table so it would expect the new parameters:

GET /findMatch controllers.Application.matcher(sLat: util.DoubleW, sLon: util.DoubleW, eLat: util.DoubleW, eLon: util.DoubleW)

Inside the model method which the Application matcher method uses I need to perform arithmetic. However when I run my project I get this error: error: bad operand types for binary operator '<='. It seems this new type to handle doubles (DoubleW) is regarded as a string, I cannot perform arithmetic on it and I can not assign a standard java double its value. I am not sure if I have missed a step in the previous post but I am rather lost on what to do.

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In Play 2.0 I found the easiest solution was to use Scala - even in a Java project (I explained this in one of my Play Basics blog posts.

If you don't know Scala, just paste the following in a file called Binders.scala and add routesImport += "util.Binders._" to your Build.scala.

package util

object Binders {

  implicit object DoubleQueryBindable extends QueryStringBindable[Double] {
    def bind(key: String, params: Map[String, Seq[String]]) = params.get(key).flatMap(_.headOption).map { value =>
      try {
      } catch {
        case e: Exception =>  Left("Cannot parse parameter " + key + " as Double")
    def unbind(key: String, value: Double) = key + "=" + value.toString

  implicit object DoublePathBindable extends PathBindable[Double] {
    def bind(key: String, value: String) = try {
    } catch {
      case e: Exception => Left("Cannot parse parameter '" + key + "' as Double")

    def unbind(key: String, value: Double): String = value.toString
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