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I have some discussing with agencies about the Apple Filesystem Encryption. The app itself is always running in a sandbox and also by default the filesystem is encrypted. I always advice to use sqlcipher, to place files in the cache folder so they won't backups by iTunes and using a strong password. How hard is it to crack the Apple file system.

How easy/hard is it to access the apple filesystem and to crack the password?

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Very easy if you have access to the device, regardless of passcode, the phone can be jailbroken and arbitrary scripts run at start-up. This is a very complex issue and can't just be summarised. and I suggest you do some reading, I recommend 'Hacking and Securing iOS Applications' by O'Reilly. – Jeff Mar 29 '13 at 13:10

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I suggest you look at iphone-dataprotection. They have a list of detailed notes about iOS protected files, how it's done in hardware, and some of the potential vulnerabilities.

The first two that caught my eye:

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