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In my application (Java EE), I retrieve a MSG file and I'd like to display it in the browser the same way it could be looked on Outlook. Is there already a Java API which can do this?

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The short answer is No.

There are APIs that will (apparently) allow you to parse Outlook "msg" files:

However, turning that into something that will display as a web page is something else. It is not the sort of thing you would implement an API to do. (You might contemplate a reusable JSP to do it ... or something ... but it seems a long shot. And I couldn't spot anything ...)

Maybe you should consider an alternative like OWA where the user's browser talks to the Exchange server directly.

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I suspected that I would have this kind of answer but it was worth a try. – jacen44 Mar 29 '13 at 13:43

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