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So far the best guide I've found to Javascript is this: http://javascript.info. But from past experience, every good guide I found was outdated.

My question is - how can I know if a guide is outdated? Or if anyone knows this one specifically I would love to know if I can count on the information there to be up-to-date, because it's very thorough and seems to cover more stuff than any guide I've found.

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There is no guarantee that any guide like that is going to be up to date. Your best bet is to pick something popular that is backed by a large number of contributors. My personal favorite is:

JavaScript - Mozilla Developer Network

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In general, I enjoy learning from youtube sites. i learnt Javascript from http://thenewboston.org/ , as well as PHP and Java. Since languages change so much, there is not really one definitive guide. For reference, I go to MDN (much better than w3schools), or I look at stack overflow.

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JavaScript changes so fast there isn't really a complete authorative up-to-date guide. Keep up with all the changes browser vendors are making and look at what the large frameworks are doing.

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