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I am running rspec tests on a catalog object from within a Ruby app, using Rspec::Core::Runner::run:'/tmp/catalog', 'w') do |out|
  YAML.dump(catalog, out)


unless RSpec::Core::Runner::run(spec_dirs, $stderr, out) == 0
  raise Puppet::Error, "Unit tests failed:\n#{out.string}"

(The full code can be found at

In order to pass the object I want to test, I dump it as YAML to a file (currently /tmp/catalog) and load it as subject in my tests:

describe 'notrun' do
  subject { YAML.load_file('/tmp/catalog') }
  it { should contain_package('ppet') }

Is there a way I could pass the catalog object as subject to my tests without dumping it to a file?

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Do you want to use the catalog object across spec files ? – Emil Apr 6 '13 at 7:14
your link to full code doesn't work anymore. I'd like to see how you create the catalog object before dumping it into a file – boulder Apr 8 '13 at 17:00

I am not very clear as to what exactly you are trying to achieve but from my understanding I feel that using a before(:each) hook might be of use to you. You can define variables in this block that are available to all the stories in that scope.

Here is an example:

require "rspec/expectations"

class Thing
  def widgets
    @widgets ||= []

describe Thing do
  before(:each) do
    @thing =

  describe "initialized in before(:each)" do
    it "has 0 widgets" do
      # @thing is available here
      @thing.should have(0).widgets

    it "can get accept new widgets" do
      @thing.widgets <<

    it "does not share state across examples" do
      @thing.should have(0).widgets

You can find more details at:

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