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I struggled with the following code. My signal handler on_button_press_event() is never called but I have no idea why. Could someone have a look on it? Maybe someone is able to run through the gtkmm lib with debug infos. I only have the pre-installed gtkmm packages which could not be used for debugging into the library itself.

    #include <iostream>

    using namespace std;

    #include <gtkmm.h>
    #include <goocanvasmm.h>

    bool MyExternalHandler( const Glib::RefPtr<Goocanvas::Item>& item, GdkEventButton* ev )
        cout << "External Handler" << endl;
        return false; 

    class MyRect : public Goocanvas::Rect
            MyRect( double x, double y, double w, double h)
                //: Goocanvas::Rect( x,y,w,h)

            virtual void nonsens() {}

            bool on_button_press_event(const Glib::RefPtr<Item>& target, GdkEventButton* event) override
                cout << "override handler" << endl;
                return false;

            bool Handler( const Glib::RefPtr<Goocanvas::Item>& item, GdkEventButton* ev )
                cout << "via mem_fun" << endl;
                return false;

            bool on_enter_notify_event(const Glib::RefPtr<Item>& target, GdkEventCrossing* event) override
                cout << "override enter notify" << endl;
                return false;

    int main(int argc, char* argv[])
        Gtk::Main app(&argc, &argv);
        Goocanvas::init("example", "0.1", argc, argv);
        Gtk::Window win;
        Goocanvas::Canvas m_canvas;
        m_canvas.set_size_request(640, 480);
        m_canvas.set_bounds(0, 0, 1000, 1000);

        MyRect* ptr;
        Glib::RefPtr<MyRect> m_rect_own(ptr=new MyRect(225, 225, 150, 150));
        m_rect_own->property_line_width() = 1.0;
        m_rect_own->property_stroke_color() = "black";
        m_rect_own->property_fill_color_rgba() = 0x555555ff;     

        Glib::RefPtr<Goocanvas::Item> root = m_canvas.get_root_item();
        root->add_child( m_rect_own);

        ((Glib::RefPtr<Goocanvas::Item>&)m_rect_own)->signal_button_press_event().connect(sigc::mem_fun(*ptr, &MyRect::Handler));



        return 0;
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Your on_button_press_event() method is not an override, because it has the wrong parameters: https://developer.gnome.org/gtkmm/unstable/classGtk_1_1Widget.html#aba72b7f8655d1a0eb1273a26894584e3

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