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In a Windows Batch File in DOS, I am receiving the the following error:

45.0.31322.0 unexpected at this time.

The numbers 45.0.31322.0 are the contents of the AgtVersion variable.

Here is the code:

if agentVersion: 45.0.31322.0==agentVersion: 45.0.31322.0 set AgtVersion=45.0.31322.0

:: Identify HPSA Agent Version
for /f "delims=" %%x in ('get_info.bat ^| find /i "agentVersion: 4"') do @set hpsaAGT=%%x

:: Checks agent version and store in new variable
if %hpsaAGT%==agentVersion: 45.0.31322.0 set AgtVersion=45.0.31322.0

:: the above line throws a: "45.0.31322.0 unexpected at this time."

if %hpsaAGT%==agentVersion: set AgtVersion=
if agentVersion: 45.0.31322.0==agentVersion: 45.0.31322.0 set AgtVersion=45.0.31322.0

:: Display HPSA Agent Version and store in txt file
echo %AgtVersion%> c:\temp\hpsa_agent\hpsaAGT.txt
echo Current HPSA Core : %AgtVersion%

What does this error message mean?

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use double-quotes, if your string contains Spaces: if "%hpsaAGT%"=="agentVersion: 45.0.31322.0" set AgtVersion=45.0.31322.0 –  Stephan Mar 29 '13 at 14:29
possible duplicate of %x was unexpected at this time. batch script –  Eric Leschinski Mar 29 '13 at 14:39
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You are comparing a variable to an unquoted string with spaces on it. DOS interprets the agentVersion: and 45.0.31322.0 as two distinct tokens. The second token is unexpected.

if %hpsaAGT%==agentVersion: 45.0.31322.0 

Should be:

if "%hpsaAGT%"=="agentVersion: 45.0.31322.0"
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