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I'm using Mika Tuupola's jquery plugin with Magento CE 1.7.x. I'm using a fadein animation effect on product images, by setting the class to lazy for the images, and then calling $jq191( img.lazy ).lazyload();. Also, I'm using jquery's no conflict mode with var $jq191= jQuery.noConflict(). I don't know where the problem lies, or what code to paste in this question. I'm hoping someone has come across this problem and can maybe shed some light with their experience. The images are inside an anchor nested in a li tag nested in a ul tag. I'm also using twitter bootstrap. I've tried the plugin with just bootstrap, and it works fine. But when I add magento to the mix, it causes flickering in google chrome and firefox. It works fine in internet explorer, but even in internet explorer, it shows this white flash that moves from right to left, but the fade in itself is smooth.

SOLUTION! ok, after looking at what scripts were loaded in magento that could be causing the issue. it looks like the effects.js was conflicting with the jquery lazy load plugin. i dont understand why that is, because the lazy load plugin is self contained with its own scope so it doesnt pollute the global namespace. i removed effects.js, and the flickering stopped. i have to look through lazyload, as to why its doing that. if anyone would like to explain, id appreciate it, thanks.

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Thanks for having pointed out that the problem was due to effects.js, saved me quite some time when trying to figure out what was at the origin of the flickering :) – blmage Sep 27 '13 at 15:23

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It's due to a conflict between lazyload internally using an appear event, and the Effect.Appear from scriptaculous.

It can be solved by replacing all occurences of "appear" by another free value (eg, "lazyappear") in the lazyload script.

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Reported this issue on the lazyload github repository ( – blmage Sep 27 '13 at 15:31

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