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Hi guys i'm trying to add a new field on the magento registration panel under the name of hospital address and i need to add more fields... i've done this with some changes on the magento core files like register.phtml AccountController.php config.xml Grid.php Account.php CustomerController.php edit.phtml everything was cool the filed is working but at the end i found that admin can edit the hospital address but customers can't edit this when they login to account edit is any one here know this issue and have a solution ? here is the full script http://goo.gl/EBMzM


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Since magento is based on entitiy attribute model. You can not manage the attribute of the registration field directly. If you are a software developer you can create attribibute in database and change in your code in the same way. If you are not a software developer you can install a module which provide facelity to manage your resistration page. You can search on google by keyword "magento registration field manager" and found verious module for the registration field management.

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