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I am connecting to a web service that is hosted in Win2008 (IIS7) requiring certificate based mutual authentication. When the service is called by a client running on the .NET 2.0 runtime, the operation fails with a 403. If I examine the request in wireshark I see that the client is responding to the Certificate Request frame with a Certificate frame but no certificate is specified in that frame. Looking at the list of CA certificates provided by the server in Certificate Request the CA used by the client's certificate is not present. This seem to make sense as what is the point of sending a cert if the service will not trust it. However, when I make this same call using the tool recompiled against the .NET 4.0 runtime the behavior is different. The client's Certificate frame does contain the certificate it was configured to use. I saw on the MSDN that changes were made to SslStream so is this what I am running into? It is rather unsettling that different runtime versions act differently for the same service endpoint.

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