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I've been running a local db using SSMS & SQL Server Express for a couple of years now with no issues, but after checking out some of the security settings, I now find I cannot log back in to my db via SSMS. I'm being told that my login is disabled. How can I rectify this...

  • SQL Server Express service is running.
  • Server name is: TREVSPC\SQLEXPRESS and uses Windows Authentication

I get:

Cannot connect to TREVSPC\SQLEXPRESS login failed for user TrevsPC\Trev. Reason: The account is disabled(...error 18740)

Without being able to login to the server how can I create another database?

Cheers in advance for any help


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Why is the 'account disabled'? If possible login as a different (windows admin) user and check your first account under security if everything is fine? –  Brian Mar 29 '13 at 15:34
Hi Brian, I don't know why the login became disabled as I hadnt set it to be. After trying various routes. I installed latest SQL Express instance and attached my database to this and all is now good. Now I just need to find out why I can't access the created reports server!! –  Trev Mar 31 '13 at 16:52

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