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I've new to R and I've successfully install a package. I would like to examine the source code of this package. I understand that I can view the source of a given function by just typing the name of the function at the prompt. How can I get access to the source code files such that I can browse it?


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As @Spacedman wrote under R-help list, why so shy about mentioning the package?.

Go to CRAN page for the package and just download the source directly and extract the files. All R files will be under R directory and any C files will be under src directory.

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It is easiest to just download the source package from CRAN, extract the tar.gz file (e.g. using 7zip or tar), browse to the /R subfolder and open the file that contains the code. If you are not really sure where a particular function is located, you can use a tool like grep to look for it, e.g.:

grep spam_function *

if you are looking for spam_function.

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