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I have problems to associate objects with relationship n to n. (using Entity Framework)


Table2 : Item_Estoque_Producao

the code:

List<Item_Estoque> listaEstoque = item.Item_Estoque.Where(ie => ie.Quantidade > 0);

List<Item_Estoque_Producao> lstEstoqueProducao = new List<Item_Estoque_Producao>();

foreach (Item_Estoque itemEstoque in listaEstoque)
    Item_Estoque_Producao estoqueProducao = new Item_Estoque_Producao();
    estoqueProducao.Item_Estoque_MateriaPrima = itemEstoque;
    estoqueProducao.Quantidade = quantidade;

Item_Estoque itemEstoqueProduto = new Item_Estoque();

foreach (Item_Estoque_Producao estoqueProducao in lstEstoqueProducao)
    !!! ERROR!!! "Unable to define the relationship between the two objects because they are attached to different ObjectContext objects."

I try to create Item_Estoque_Produção with 2 different Item_Estoque, but when I set the second Item_Estoque,occurs the problem.

What can I do?

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it's resolved!

I put the "using (ModelContainer bc = new ModelContainer)" in the middle of the foreach. Sou i put this in the begining of the code!


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