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I am writing a code in Maxima and I have three plots. I have no trouble plotting these individually but I can not figure out how to have them all on one plot with out doing it in one for loop, with out going into too much detail this would be difficult with my code.

    for i:1 step 1 while i<=n-1 do(figgdown[i]:plot2d(
    [discrete,[xx[i], -xx[i]],[p[i],p[i]]]));
    for i:1 step 1 while i<=n-1 do(figgup[i]:plot2d(
    [discrete,[xx[i], -xx[i]],[q[i], q[i]]]));
    for i:1 step 1 while i<=n-1 do(figgmiddle[i]:plot2d(
    [discrete,[xx[i], -xx[i]],[pq[i], pq[i]]]));

Is there a way i can do something like the Show function in Mathematica, where the graphics appear together? Best, Ben

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You can keep a list

n: 10;
x: makelist(2*%pi*i/n, i, 0, n);

p: [];
y1: sin(x);
p: endcons([discrete, x, y1], p);

y2: cos(x);
p: endcons([discrete, x, y2], p);

/* display all plots in p */
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