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I'm trying to allow a certain format in an HTML text box. This format must be 4 sets of numbers 0-99 separated by hyphens. For example, 4-4-4-4 or 4-55-4-55 or 44-55-4-55. I found this qMask jQuery plugin and it gets me 99% of the way to where I want it. However, in each numeric field, it will either accept 1 number or 2 numbers, not 1 number OR 2 numbers.

Here my code: $("#lce").mask("9-9-9-9"); Results in accepting 1 number per block

I've also tried: $("#lce").mask("99-99-99-99"); Results in requiring 2 numbers per block

And: $("#lce").mask("9?-9?-9?-9?"); as well as alternating the 9's and ?'s either way results in accepting 1 number per block

Also tried specifying my own criteria to search for per that site:

$.mask.definitions['i'] = "[0-9]|[0-9][0-9]";

$("#lce").mask("i-i-i-i"); Results in accepting 1 number per block.

Nothing I've done is working and I either don't know enough about RegEx to specify what I'm looking for or the plugin doesn't accept RegEx the way I would expect it to.

The goal is to have an input similar to entering a static IP in Windows computer. You can type 1-3 characters and use the [period] key to move to the next block.

Anyone have any hints? I've searched, but what I'm finding isn't helping.

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You could use the ruoso regular expression plugin (smaller than the one you linked to).

Then use the following regex mask:

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