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I have setup Plupload to send to a PHP script checking for a parameter "gal" like:

  url : 'upload.php?gal='+$('#gallery').val()

This retrieves the value from a drop down, but it grabs the value of the drop down when initialized. I need to change this every time the drop down is changed. I tried:

$("#gallery").change(function() {
  $('#uploader').data("uiPlupload").options.url = 'upload.php?gal='+$(this).val();

This is changes the url for this value, however I guess this isn't the correct parameter as even though I can see in Firebug that this changes, it still uses the initialized value.

I have also tried:

$("#uploader").bind('BeforeUpload', function(up, file) {
  up.settings.url = 'upload.php?gal='+$("#gallery").val();

This doesn't get triggered at all.

Can someone shed some light on how I would change this?


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Figured it out. You have to get the uploader instance and then set in the settings like:

$("#gallery").change(function() {
    var up = $('#uploader').plupload('getUploader');
    up.settings.url = 'upload.php?gal='+$(this).val()
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