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I am trying to do a personal project using terrain.js demo that uses three.js, I'll like to ad simple trackball controls to it, but I am not able yet. I am very new to three.js and trying to figure out my way a bit through the demos, so please bare with me :)

The terrain.js demo uses automatic rotation for animation but I ll like to add some simple interaction with trackball controls. I realized that the demo is using three.js r47 and when I tried using later builds it would not render... so there might be some compatibility issues with newer three.js builds...(although it might work, I ll detail below) For that reason I am trying to work with three.js r47 build.

On the contrary, when I downloaded the latest three.js package and open the examples folder containing "trackball controls example" I tried at first to change its native r56 build to use "r47" build, to see if there was backward compatibility, but then I ve got the same issue as with the fractal terrain demo, while switching to a different three.js version, it would not render anything.

So then I'll tried to look for documentation on the r47 build to see if the "trackball controls" were supported, but unfortunately documentation stops at r48 apparently (please excuse me if I am looking at the wrong place, it might be somewhere else I havent look yet) But from what I've saw on the r48 build documentation, trackball controls seem to be supported, so although its a different version than the one from the fractal terrain demo (being r47) it might be compatible as in r48 being one version higher is supported (trackball).

I've started to play around a bit trying to take parts from the "trackball controls example" and trying to incorporate it into the fractal terrain demo, so I started by removing the default terrain rotation (in the terrain demo) and adding the "trackball controls" and from the three.js trackball controls example, but I not getting anything rendered yet unfortunately, so I am sure I might be doing something wrong or missing something...

I hope some of you more advanced users of three.js can give me a hand figuring this out or putting me on the right track. As additional info, I realized that the "trackball controls example" uses the "scene.fog" statement which is not used in the terrain demo, not sure if this has something to do with it not rendering?

I ll post the jsfiddle links on my next post.

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here is a jsfiddle of the terrain (which btw I was kindly helped by uhura on creating a dual material, wire/lambert): jsfiddle.net/uSrsW/17 and here is my non working, work in progress adding trackball controls: jsfiddle.net/qCVCU/2 – Manuqc Mar 29 '13 at 17:31
I will appreciate any help on this, thanks for taking the time reading. Regards, -Manuel – Manuqc Mar 29 '13 at 17:32
You are using a version of the three.js library that is more than a year old. You need to upgrade to the current version r.57. Study the official three.js examples. Also avoid asking "help me debug my code" questions. Ask questions that would be helpful to others. – WestLangley Mar 29 '13 at 18:27
Ok thanks, didn't meant to be impolite btw, I am not an advanced user like you probably, so I thought maybe someone might have some ideas thats it, I do agree with your point. btw you are right about versions, thats why I came for help, because the terrain demo I am using was based on r47 and I am trying to find a way to make it work with the current r57 release so that I can incorporate features from the official examples and make my way through that to what I am wanting to accomplish with this. Have a good day. – Manuqc Apr 1 '13 at 15:57
Got it working btw! :) I realized that the trackball controls were already embeded in three.js in the r47 release and in newer versions they it is a separate file. – Manuqc Apr 2 '13 at 21:09

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