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I'm sure there's a simple solution to my scenario, but I can't seem to figure out the best method to achieve it. I'm running a template based website (which I upgraded from my hand-coded site) and am in the process of moving my rails app over to it. My rails app is a large photo gallery with a few hundred galleries. What I'm trying to achieve is to use one of the pages in my template as the layout (application.html.erb) file in my rails app. I want to be able to update my template website normally and use it as the layout file for my ruby app. Basically, I only want a page of my site to include the rails app/layout rather than my whole site contained within the rails app.

Essentially, I want to be able to create a page in my template site which would contain <%= yield %> and have that run as the layout (application.html.erb) for my rails app. So, when I update my site in my web development software, the app layout will be updated as well, and the app will appear as part of the site (rather than a separate app/section).

I have some complex ways that I can make this work, but I have to believe there is an easier way. I'm much more used to PHP in which I can just add some code to any page which is handled by Apache without running a full separate app. However, I built this rails app a while back and it contains a TON of content which I now need to maintain. Any help/insight would be much appreciated!

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How exactly do you intend to update the website? I didn't get that. What "web development software" are you referring to? –  depa Mar 29 '13 at 18:20
I use RapidWeaver on the Mac. I'm not intending on updating the rails app within RapidWeaver, I update those files manually in TextMate direct on the server. To answer my own question, I figured out the solution. I tried using a symlink of the website page in to the ruby app, which did not work. However, I setup a hard link on my server of the page on which I want to display my app content (which includes my <%= yield %> in the page, and that works perfectly. Now I can update my website without breaking my rails app. –  Cornelius Qualley Mar 30 '13 at 20:14

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