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I have a simple web page I want to scrape with an Android app. Patterns and Regex are obviously out so wondering about a recommendation? SAX, DOM or Jsoup? The HTML I'm working with is only 16K of data so I'd prefer the lightest solution.

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So, I think that this is very "general" question and give you completely correct answer it's pretty hard because each developer can give you personal experiences but experiences are very changeable. I have an experience with DOM and JSoup and both worked as i expected.

I'm using usually DOM if i'm working with XML. When i'm working with HTML(sometimes) i'm using JSoup so i can recommend to you JSoup. It makes a trick.

But if you want you can check out


Difference between SAX and DOM is that SAX parses XML when its loading, is faster than DOM but has higher demands on application and it's not standart interface for work with XML according to W3C

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Thanks for the insight. I went with Jsoup. It's quite nifty! –  wufoo Mar 29 '13 at 20:11
@wufoo you are welcome :) and yes it is. I have only good experiences. –  Sajmon Mar 29 '13 at 20:12

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