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I was wondering whether there're recommendable sites, that host collections of good and useful code-snippets.

Searching stackoverflow, to be honest, sometimes is priceless. - But if you know sites like commandlinefu (just for Shell stuff), you may also want something like that for Ruby, Java, Python or C#. There're some small collections, of course. Very often these are specific sites dedicated to be just funny or "wicked cool" (the book series).

I'm just looking for practical stuff to learn from other people's experiences. The standard stuff. Not funny, not wicked. Just pragmatic and workflow-oriented. It seems no one wants to share that.

If you're simply googeling the web and put everything into a growing list of files, there's no overview. So that's not the workflow either, isn't it?

I'm thankful for good tips ;),


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Should be community wiki. –  Damien MATHIEU Oct 15 '09 at 8:27
No problem ;). Done. –  wishi Oct 15 '09 at 8:29

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After, there's a lot of blogs all other the web giving advices and snippets.

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Codeproject and codeguru have lots of code snippets which are useful

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